Statement of Purpose

Through the course of my experience writing for the last several years, I spent a long time exploring different topics which drew my interest. After the last semester however, I have discovered that I have a wealth of passion when it comes to writing for the sake of organizing others. Much of this realization came by way of my interview with Cathy Bradford of Kennesaw state and her experiences organizing, but also much of it came through examining and reexamining politics, especially when it came to editing my own papers around those materials. Finding the things I am passionate about is still a struggle at times, whether it be music, science, or a host of other subjects, finding retention in that passion is difficult for me. The discovery that I can use writing for the sake of something like grant writing or some other organizational purpose allows me to shift with those interests as they come and go, in the freelance world especially. While I still want to seek out a masters, my priorities in my area of study are rapidly changing.

The last semester was learning all of the options I had present for myself with an English degree. We’re always told they’re such broad degrees, which is true, but the difficulty then comes in finding something to focus yourself on. The projects I completed for the class have varied from piece to piece as a reflection of that. Whether it was working through Content as a concept or translating poetry, there was so much to choose from. In large part it led to a lot of introspection as to what I cared about, and where I’ve narrowed that down to is non profit work, should I be able. In particular I have been seeking out non profits surrounding newly immigrated families in the US, and before writing this I have applied to some and used the samples present housed here for it. I will do my best to keep this site housing my papers in the future as a showcase of the things I have learned about website management over the last year, as well as a place to house all of my writing in one home.