Thomas Wetmore, or TJ as his friends know him, is a fourth-year student at Kennesaw State University. Working towards a bachelor’s degree in English studies, he hopes to continue on to earn a masters degree and potentially a doctorate in the future, as his commitment to learning new skills is a long term passion. This passion has led to a quantity of varied skills and interests including music, reading, writing, nature skills, and many others, which have led to the development of other useful abilities in a workplace setting. For these skills and work, TJ received his eagle scout at eighteen and he has been working to continue upholding those values ever since. In his writing, TJ hopes to find more interest in fields related to research, or alternatively, to work teaching English as a second language. One of his goals is to find some work outside of the country, as teaching abroad would be an excellent experience, and staying in one place has never been quite as appealing.

Overall, my goals as a writer personally are exploring any interests I may have, as well as learning to write in a broader spectrum of settings, whether that be a workplace, research, or any other necessary institution to increase my understanding of the world around me. I am hopeful that finding a career in writing will lead to a life in which I can think more deeply and connect with others in a more meaningful manner.

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