Career fair experiences


Last week’s career fair was an enlightening one for me. Firstly, my schedule involved several interesting opportunities, including one around community banking, and another with the carter center. These group conversations were great for fleshing out the usefulness of a given area for my career going forwards. The fair helped me establish a better direction on where I want to focus my efforts both in my career and personal life. I think an important piece I learned, is that while writing is an essential skill, many careers will require further learning in order to thrive in that environment. It brought the realization that as a writer, it will be essential for me to understand many different fields of study, as mine is focused on how to best express those other things. The community banking seminar in particular helped that realization, as much of the conversation and opportunities were focused for majors outside my own.

My schedule for the spring career fair


I had the pleasure of asking a few questions to KSU’s own Claire Beaudro, one of KSU’s counselors. I came with three major questions in mind-

1. where are the best places to look for work in higher education.

2. If she had any advice to be accepted to masters programs, as far as resumes go

3. How did she remain connected to the job markets for which she was preparing students after having found a career.

The first she answered with a site which I expect to become very useful as i proceed through my career, Higher Ed. Jobs, and I have taken a lot of interest in browsing possible positions that I could someday apply for. She also recommended NAPSA and ACPA to look for possible additions to my resume in the way of marketable skills. each of those two are institutions intended to reflect what is valued in higher education jobs, and how that market has changed over the past several years.

As far as masters programs, she recommended I look for work on campus, in particular as an RA or other important positions. While I did not find an RA position, I did find one as an SI, which I will be starting at in the fall.

Lastly, and most important to me, was staying connected to the market for which I would be preparing students. She of course, recommended the institutions named above as good markers for where the importance in higher education is placed, however she also mentioned the fact that the need for where you keep up with that changes depending on position. A staff member may keep in the loop by continuing their own research or continuing with the research of others, while a faculty member may instead be more concerned with the job market and better understanding that for students of a specific major.


Early on in the semester, I was given an opportunity to hear about some international internships in Brazil because of my registration in previous Portuguese classes. My old professor, Dr. Jackson, reached out to his old class to let us know the event was coming up. It cost a small fee to get in, but the discussion of internships abroad was an exciting one. Much of it was business and language oriented, so the opportunities did not perfectly align with what I was searching for,

Promotional Image for Kennesaw State’s international education week

Overall, job experience abroad is something I am still seeking out, however because of my class schedule for the next few semesters, it is something that will have to wait for post graduation. Spending the few hours learning about the opportunities still reminded me just how valuable language skills can be and helped bring a new level of focus back into my study of language in my free time!