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Fernando Pessoa Translations

The works of Fernando Pessoa are plentiful, so I picked out a few here to translate. Included are both the English and Portuguese versions of the poems to make it easier to see some of the process of translating. This project was an interesting challenge, as it gave me a chance to show off some of the language skills I find rusting away now.

Content Vs Writing

This article by Lisa Dush was a very interesting read which worked through the affects of language surrounding new ideas of content versus traditional styles of writing. This was a fun interpretive paper which challenged me to think through these ideas and the language surrounding them.

Patterson Falls Live stream
Patterson Falls Live stream

Patterson falls, a national park in New Jersey, runs a 24/7 live stream in order to allow for digital visitors to experience the park. through the last year of the pandemic it has been a challenging time for these parks, and this is one of the ways many found to still draw interest from the public. This work is a small review of the park which challenged me to change the way I consider my experiences, as well as the way the internet can be used as a tool to help explore the world in a new way. It also helped me begin learning to work in a group to peer edit, and find new ways of expressing myself through perspective in writing.

Perseverance Rover

Perseverance is the latest rover to land on mars. I made a short infographic, which helped me refine my research skills in a field I was not totally familiar with. It was a great exercise in research, both for education as well as fun. The rover itself was a blast to learn about, and I spent a good portion of the time focused on the different tools sent with the rover to help explore the surface of Mars.

Social Model of disability Zine

This paper was done for an English class and its purpose was to examine the interaction of disability and some other part of the world we exist in. The project was a group one and here I have posted my section of the work. We wrote our focus on the interaction of disabilities and airports, as they are a space which require accessibility as a major point of focus. The project forced me to consider all of the different ways disability can affect a lie when removed from accessibility, as well as worked on my teamwork skills, as each member had to focus on a different aspect of airports.